Remember anyone can do this.

- Earn more than you spend and invest the difference.

Networking is huge.  Be likable.  Smile.  ADD VALUE.  Go above and beyond and it will come back to you.  NEVER SEND A COLD LINKED IN REQUEST... This isn't instagram... its CONNECTIONS. 

Youtube Videos To Watch

Books that changed my life. I read 20 books a year. Knowledge is power... Kyrie Irving doesn't care if you financially independent. All these books can be found at the library for free.

Recent Speaking Engagements and Presentations.

Nutrition For Peak Performance


For high performers lookiing to gain an edge by simply looking deeper into what they eat.  Learn the best foods for energy and recovery.  

Personal Finance Made Simple


Three part series focusing on: 

1.  Increasing Earnings.  

2. Decreasing Spending 

3. Increasing Investing

Be Where Your Feet


A talk all about being able to focus on your most important task.  Being able to do one thing well in a world of distractions is a major value. 

Ditch. Your. Car.


A car is one of the most menacing things for our health, happiness, and finances.  Learn how to escape automobilism no matter where you live. 

How To: Airbnb Hosting

Learn from an Airbnb Superhost how to start small and profit big renting your unused space.

Learn from an Airbnb Superhost how to start small and profit big simply renting your unused space.

Understanding Your Employee Benefits


How to really maximize every perk you get for being a W-2 employee.  Focus on turning each opportunity to contribute to your accounts tax deferred!